20 Jul

Dingdong, which can now be played online, has more fans. Although this game is still not very popular among gambling, it does not make this type of gambling sinking beaten up by other types of gambling. Therefore, you should be more familiar with this dingdong game, so you can play and win prizes contained therein.

As we know, dingdong online is a game that is not yet well known. Actually this game is also very easy to play. The players only need to guess the number that will be issued by a machine. In addition to numbers, gambling players can also guess odd-even, big-small and others on this online dingdong.

Types of Dingdong Games Online

Dingdong online also consists of several types of games that can be played with very cheap deposits. In addition there are many bonuses that can be obtained when playing this game. The following are the types of online dingdong games that are very easy to play on the site http://hkb288.site.

1. Dingdong Sicbo

Dingdong Sicbo is a type of game that uses dice. Generally this game is the same as gambling dice in general. However, the difference is the number of prizes to be received if the players guess is correct. Number of winning prizes = the number of bets multiplied by 3.

2. Dingdong Black Red

This type of dingdong is played using black balls (Black) and red (Red). The players will guess the numbers that will come out of this black and red ball. Of course, prizes that can be won are also very large.

3. Dingdong 12D

Dingdong 12D is the most popular online dingdong game. This is because to win this game is very easy. Gamblers only need to guess what numbers will come out of the 12 available numbers. The prize is also very large and the win rate is high.

You can play this type of online dingong online with a cheap deposit on the HKB site. Good luck and become fans of the new Dingdong game.